Used Sunward Crawler Cranes for Sale Galizia.png

Used Sunward crawler cranes are available to purchase direct from Used Mini Cranes. These mini crawler cranes bring together the compactness of a spider crane with the heavy lifting power of a pick and carry crane. These mini machines provide an alternative solution to lifting challenges in restricted access areas.

Used Mini Cranes has a wide variety of used Sunward crawler cranes available to purchase. This includes popular models such as the SWTC12, SWTC16 and the SWTC75. The tracks on these crawler cranes allow for easy movement across rough terrain making them the perfect machine for use on constriction sites.

The small working footprint of Sunward crawler cranes means that these telescopic cranes have quickly made a name for themselves in the lifting industry and are perfect for confined and restricted lifting.

All used mini cranes are offered subject to availability. To see the full list of used mini cranes available, please visit our used cranes listings page.

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