Used Hitachi Crawler Cranes for Sale mcc80a-cutout.png

Used Mini Cranes specialise in the sale of a wide range of used crawler cranes including Hitachi crawler cranes. We have a variety of Hitachi crawler cranes available including popular models like the SCX550E, the SCX900HD-2 and the SCX700E.

Used Hitachi crawler cranes are available to purchase in a variety of lifting capacities here at Used Mini Cranes. These crawler cranes are extremely useful machines and are used in varied industries like transportation and construction. Various different types of models of crane with different specifications, features and configurations are available to purchase directly from us today.

The tracks on these crawler cranes enable them to work on rugged, rough and uneven terrain as well as soft surfaces. Hitachi crawler cranes have quickly made a name for themselves in the lifting industry thanks to their ability to operate in some of the most compact and hard to access areas.

All used mini cranes are offered subject to availability. To see the full list of used mini cranes available, please visit our used cranes listings page.

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