2013 UNIC URW-095 CDER Mini Spider Crane

2013 UNIC URW-095 CDER Mini Spider Crane

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Thanks to its lightweight structure and narrow 600mm width, the URW-095 is the best equipment for lifting in tight spaces and can fully reach almost anywhere. With an unparalleled 8.8-meter lifting height and almost a tonne of lifting force, the UNIC URW-095 is one of the most popular mini cranes on the market.

The 095 mini crane's adaptable outrigger configurations allow it to operate on sloping and uneven ground; additionally, its tracked mobility allows it to traverse rugged terrain and even climb stairs. The 095 tiny crane's Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System helps reduce the chance of the crane toppling over by providing turnover protection, stability warning lighting, and an alarm.


ModelURW-095 CDER Mini Spider Crane
Serial NumberC090175
Capacity 0.995t x 3.5m
Fuel TypeDiesel