2021 Sunward SWSL1412HD Scissor Lift

2021 Sunward SWSL1412HD Scissor Lift

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To assist operators in installing windows, signage, cladding, steelwork, timber frames, and other materials, Sunward SWSL1412 HD Scissor Lifts were launched. These compact yet powerful scissor lifts allow operators to work effectively and safely at heights of up to 14 meters.

Measuring 12 meters on the platform and 14 meters overall, these MEWPs are the ideal lifting solution for an array of diverse tasks. With a maximum occupancy of two individuals and a lifting capacity of up to 320 kg, this scissor lift is perfect for expanding your fleet. With its narrow width of 1170mm and stowed height of 2630mm, this scissor lift can be easily stored in tight places like retail centres, sports arenas, and hospitals. It is also ideal for usage in warehouses, storage facilities, and other similar settings.

With its dual front-wheel drive and tiny turning radius of 2200mm, the agile MEWP is perfect for projects that have limited space or size constraints. The SWSL1412 HD flexible scissor lift can operate on both exterior flat ground and interior light-coloured, polished surfaces because they come with standard non-marking wheels. 


Serial NumberS00251
Capacity 320kg
Fuel TypeBattery
Working Height14m
Platform Height12m