2021 BG Lift M 250 Compact Crawler Crane

2021 BG Lift M 250 Compact Crawler Crane

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The M250 mini crane has a working height of up to 15.65 meters and a lifting capacity of up to 2500 kg. This speciality crane's three-stage hydraulic jib shines when it comes to lifting tasks where additional reach might be needed.

Because of its small working footprint, the M250 is the perfect equipment for usage both indoors and outdoors in tight spaces that are difficult to access. On crowded construction sites, its 780mm chassis makes it perfect for navigating past obstructions and fitting through doors.

This little crane is perfect for working on rooftops and in between floors since it has all-terrain tracks that allow it to run on uneven surfaces. 


ManufacturerBG Lift
ModelM 250
Serial NumberM305210133
Capacity 2.5t x 1.5m
Fuel TypeDiesel
Secondary Fuel Type 110v/220v Electric Motor