2008 Galizia G35 Pick & Carry Crane

2008 Galizia G35 Pick & Carry Crane

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Because of its small footprint, this used Galizia G35 pick and carry crane is a terrific alternative to forklifts and the perfect answer for lifting and carrying big objects in restricted spaces. With its 3.5 tonnes of lifting capacity, the Galizia G35 does not require outriggers.

Lifting into schools, hospitals, department stores, museums, factories, and other locations has been accomplished with this specific model. Loads can be picked, carried, and positioned swiftly and efficiently without running the danger of manual handling injuries.

With its 180-degree rear hydraulic steering and operator cab equipped with Falling Object Protective Structure and Roll Over Protective Structure, the battery-powered Galizia G35 compact crane is incredibly manoeuvrable and simple to use.


Serial Number08/G35c/001
Capacity 3.5t x 0.4m
Fuel TypeBattery