2020 Sunward SWTC10 Mini Crawler Crane

2020 Sunward SWTC10 Mini Crawler Crane

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The SWTC10 compact crawler crane has an incredible maximum lifting height of up to 21.5 metres (26.22 metres with fly jib) and a tremendous lifting capacity of up to ten tonnes.

The 2800mm wide base and robust tracks of this little vehicle make it ideal for crossing uneven and rough terrain. This sturdy crane can operate in London's Low Emission Zone due to its Euro Stage V engine, highlighting the need for better working conditions.

The SWTC10 micro crawler crane also incorporates user-friendly controls, overwind protection, and real-time monitoring to ensure the highest level of safety when carrying out difficult lifting jobs. Because it has a pick and carry capacity of up to 7500 kg, this compact crawler crane is perfect for lifting in rural areas and on crowded construction sites in cities.


Serial NumberS00102
Capacity 10.0t x 2.5m
Fuel TypeDiesel