2021 UNIC URW-095-WBE

2021 UNIC URW-095-WBE

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The used UNIC ECO-095 mini spider crane is battery-powered and is the perfect machine for lifting in sensitive environments. It is designed for use indoors and is ideal for clients looking for fume-free lifting or to reduce their carbon footprint.

This high-quality used eco crane measures just 1300mm wide making it the ideal machine for internal lifting operations thanks to its compact nature. This zero-emissions ECO UNIC spider crane is powered by a rechargeable battery and is ideal for working inside congested, confined, or restricted access spaces such as museums and galleries, hospitals, airports, and manufacturing plants.

Benefitting from nearly one tonne of lifting power and an unrivalled lifting height of up to 8.8m, the UNIC ECO-095 is one of the most popular mini cranes in the industry.


Serial NumberW090035
Capacity0.995t x 3.5m
Hours154 Hours
Fuel typeBattery