2010 Galizia G20 Pick & Carry Crane

2010 Galizia G20 Pick & Carry Crane

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The lightweight and compact G20 pick and carry crane eliminates the requirement for outriggers while yet providing a lifting capacity of two tonnes. This compact crane, which is operated by pedestrians and has a maximum lifting height of 5.3 metres, can quickly pick up, carry, and place loads thanks to its 180-degree rear hydraulic drive. It is a practical alternative to using a forklift.

The G20 is a battery-operated pick and carry crane, just like many of our other pick and carry cranes. This makes it perfect for use in sensitive or congested locations such as workshops, factories, power plants, and busy construction sites because it does not produce any fumes.


Serial Number10/G20/025
Capacity 2.0t x 0.5m
Hours3,705 Hours
Fuel TypeBattery