2008 UNIC URW-376 CDMER Mini Spider Crane

2008 UNIC URW-376 CDMER Mini Spider Crane

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This used UNIC URW-376 mini spider crane is perfect for heavy lifting in confined and hard-to-access areas thanks to its small working footprint and adjustable outriggers.

Featuring a lifting capacity of up to 2.9 tonnes, the UNIC URW-376 offers the perfect combination of strength and height for lifting operations. The UNIC URW-376  features a six-section hydraulic boom, this mini spider crane offers a maximum lifting height of up to 14.9 metres.

Benefiting from all-terrain tracks, the UNIC URW-376 is capable of travelling across and operating on uneven ground. This used crane includes a Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System, preventing the crane from operating outside of its safe working envelope.


ModelURW-376 CDMER
Serial Number37W0167
Capacity2.9t x 2.5m
Fuel typeDiesel
Secondary fuel type400V Electric Pack