2020 UNIC URW-546 CDER Mini Spider Crane

2020 UNIC URW-546 CDER Mini Spider Crane

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The URW-546 is the right choice if you want to work in a variety of ways and lift heavy objects.

This crane can lift up to 4 tonnes at a height of 2.5m and up to 16m at its highest point. The UNIC URW-546 now has a new clean emissions, tier 4 diesel engine. This makes it fully compliant with the latest emissions regulations.

The URW-546 mini crane can lift and place loads precisely because it can be controlled from the driver’s seat or with a radio remote. With a width of only 1.4m, the UNIC URW-546 is perfect for getting through internal doors and working in tight spaces where there may not be much room to move around.


ModelURW-546 CDER
Serial Number50W5221
Capacity4.0t x 2.5m
Hours1006 Hours
Fuel typeDiesel