2012 UNIC URW-1006 CDMER Mini Spider Crane

2012 UNIC URW-1006 CDMER Mini Spider Crane

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This used UNIC-URW 1006 Mini Spider Crane has a 10-tonne lifting capacity with a lifting height of up to 30.7 metres.

The largest capacity mini crane on the market, this Mini Spider Crane can also pick and carry loads of up to 1.5 tonnes. Its tracks make it ideal for working on rough, uneven terrain and its configurable outriggers provide maximum stability at all times.

Featuring a radio remote control with feedback that displays safe working load, actual load, radius, and boom length, allowing for better visibility and precise placement of loads.


ModelURW-1006 CDMER
Serial Number10W0001
Capacity10t x 3.0m
Hours2997 Hours
Fuel typeDiesel
Secondary fuel typeElectric 400V