2015 UNIC URW-295 CER Mini Spider Crane

2015 UNIC URW-295 CER Mini Spider Crane

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The UNIC 295 is the gold standard in precision engineering and lifting technology due to its versatility, power, and small size. The 8.65-meter boom has a maximum lifting height of 8.8 metres, and a fly jib can extend its reach by another 1.5 metres.

The URW-295, like other cranes equipped with Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System, has a safe load indication to prevent it from working above its safe working envelope. Steel erection, cladding installation, railway maintenance, and more are just some of the many uses that have been found for the UNIC URW-295.


ModelURW-295 CER
Serial Number29C5298
Capacity2.9t x 1.4m
Hours1,852 Hours
Fuel typePetrol