2009 UNIC URW-376 CDER Mini Spider Crane

2009 UNIC URW-376 CDER Mini Spider Crane

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The URW-376 is the best mid-capacity mini crane because it has a great working radius, a high lifting height of 14.9m, and a radio remote control. The UNIC URW-376 crane has a six-section hydraulic boom with a working radius of up to 14.45m. The 360-degree continuous slew (both clockwise and anticlockwise) gives the crane the ability to lift in both directions.

The UNIC URW-376 can be controlled from the operator’s seat on the truck or from a radio remote. This lets the operator work closer to the load while staying safely outside of the load’s working radius.

This UNIC URW-376 mini crane can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as removing and maintaining machinery, putting up steel, lifting boats, restoring buildings, and more. As with all UNIC crane models, the URW-376 is quick to set up for experienced operators.


ModelURW-376 CDER
Serial Number37W0188
Capacity2.9t x 2.5m
Fuel typeDiesel