Sold - 03/24 - 2007 UNIC URW-506 CDER Mini Spider Crane


Sold - 03/24 - 2007 UNIC URW-506 CDER Mini Spider Crane


The UNIC URW-506 can lift up to 3 tonnes to a height of 3.4 metres, or up to 4 tonnes with an optional 5-fall hook block. This gives you more lifting capacity and better lifting options.

The UNIC URW-506 has a good maximum lifting height of 16m, and an optional fly jib with a 700kg capacity adds another 1790mm of reach. You can also use a 500kg searcher hook to work under soffits and overhangs. This mini crane can still fit through a double doorway, but it can also be taken apart and put back together using the crane’s own winch in tight or remote places.

The URW-506 has a radio remote control and a safe load indicator that lets the operator set a working area limit for better control in sensitive environments. The Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System also has an alarm for overwinding, an intelligent voice warning system that is controlled by a computer, an intelligent throttle activation system, and an audio-visual warning device.


ModelURW-506 CDER
Serial Number50W0066
Capacity3.0t x 3.4m
Fuel typeDiesel